Sunday Lunch


Sunday lunch is a popular time at Lee Valley Golf & Country Club.  In addition to our regular menu  we offer Sunday Specials which change weekly.  In addition, it is possible to pre-book a set menu for €36.95 per person.

Sunday Lunch Menu 



Savor the flavor of our Fresh Soup of the Evening – €5.95

paired with a hearty serving of homemade brown soda bread

(1 wheat,3,7,12) Gluten free bread on request

King Prawns, Chicken & Chorizo Salad – Starter €9.50  – Main €18.50  

loaded with savory sautéed potatoes, parmesan cheese, & a spicy ginger,

coriander & chili dressing

(2,3,4,7,12) Gluten Free


Garlic Stuffed Button Mushrooms – €8.50

filled with a garlicky butter stuffing & coated in a flavorful breadcrumb crust

refreshing salad leaves, homemade aioli

(1 wheat,3,7,12)


Feast on our Golden Fried Brie Wedges – €8.50

coated in a crispy herb crumb & served with a side of sweet apricot jam

(1 wheat,3,7,12)


Juicy BBQ Marinated Chicken Wings, Twice Baked – €8.50 – Main ?

served with cool celery sticks and zesty blue cheese dip

(3,9,10,12) Gluten Free



Turkey and Ham Symphony -€17.95

tender turkey and succulent ham accompanied by an aromatic herb stuffing that adds a delightful depth of flavor drizzled with a harmonious pan roast jus served with cranberry sauce


Gourmet Poached Irish Salmon – €21.95

the fish is gently poached to retain its tenderness, and served alongside

a velvety leek and toasted almond cream sauce

(3,4,7,8,12) gluten free

The Classic Bangers and Mash Onion Gravy -€15.95

Juicy sausages paired with a creamy and flavorful spring onion mashed potato

smothered in a savory onion thyme gravy

(1 wheat,7,12)

Marinated Cajun Chicken Fillet Burger – €17.95

topped with smoked bacon,beef tomato,cheese & crisp lettuce

warm toasted brioche, side of fries,coleslaw,coronation dip

(1 wheat,3,7,12)

Traditional Irish Roast Beef – €17.95

this classic dish features tender and flavorful beef, slow roasted to perfection

served with a robust red wine reduction sauce and a golden-brown Yorkshire Pudding

(1 wheat,3,7,10,12) gluten free on request

Lee Valley Speciality Surf and Turf Curry – €21.95

Our speciality dish featuring seared Hereford beef, succulent chicken, and juicy prawns

in a mild vegetable curry, accompanied by fragrant rice and crispy fries

(1 wheat,3,4,7,8,12)

Fresh and Succulent Prawn Scampi Hand-Breaded – €22.95    

deep fried to perfection, served with a tangy and spicy lime & sweet chili aioli

garnished with a vibrant salad medley & crispy fries

(1 wheat,2,3,4,7,12)

Our Signature Lee Valley Chicken & Vegetable Curry – €16.95

flavorful and aromatic blend of tender chicken & vegetables simmered in a rich curry sauce

Served with a crispy, golden poppadum,basmati rice & fries

(1 wheat,5,6,7,8,11,12)

Lee Valley’s Hand-Battered Fish & Chips – €19.95  

Cold-water whiting fillets, hand-dipped in a light batter and golden fried,

with a citrus tartar sauce and mushy peas

(2,3,4,7,12) Gluten Free


Classic Vegetarian Penne Pomodoro – €17.95

Al dente penne pasta tossed in a rich tomato sauce, infused with baby spinach,garlic and basil leaf, topped with a generous sprinkle of Pecorino parmesan cheese served with warm garlic bread

(1 wheat,3,7,12)



Allergens: 1: Cereals (Gluten), 2: Crustaceans, 3: Eggs, 4: Fish, 5: Peanuts, 6: Soybeans, 7: Milk, 8: Nuts, 9: Celery,

10: Mustard 11: Sesame Seeds 12: Sulphur Dioxides/Sulphites,13: Lupins, 14: Molluscs


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