TNT – sounds dangerous?

TNT is a group of men that play golf twice a week.  They all like to play competitively; somebody came up with the idea of organising games every Tuesday and Thursday…and TNT was born!  We sat down with one of the organisers, Paddy, to learn more.

The group consists of about 20 members, with Paddy proudly announcing, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye ‘It’s not a democratic group at all!  It’s pure dictatorship – I’m very proud of that fact -we’re not interested in suggestions or ideas.’   I can’t quite tell if he’s serious or joking.

Each player puts in a fiver that goes into the pot for the winner, and the winner then buys a pint for the guys he plays with.   “It’s very, very competitive.  You die to win that fiver.  We’re all very competitive.”  

The group started about a year ago, and appeals to the busy schedules of the members.   Several guys have said that if it weren’t for TNT, they wouldn’t have any competitive golf.
Even so, it’s great craic. “There are lots of funny and interesting stories, but I couldn’t tell you any of them.”

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