Interview with Chef Danny on the 2 for 1 Menu… and Christmas!

Through the summer months we ran our 2 for 1 Menu on Mondays.  Summer ended, and so did our 2 for 1. But you wouldn’t have any of it!  We were inundated with requests to bring back the 2 for 1, and so, as an early Christmas gift, we are running our 2 for 1 through the month of November.

New Menu!

Chef Danny did a complete overhaul of the menu.   He must be in the mood to travel, as the menu is heavily influenced by the cuisines of the world.  The dishes on this menu are available exclusively on our two for one.

I asked him if he could tell me one item off the menu that he would name as his personal favourite.  The response?  A resounding “No can do!”

I kept pushing, he hemmed and hawed but in the end I  was able to get his top three.  “The three meat sandwich is a monster! The shrimp creole is out of this world.  I tweaked it for the Irish palate, toned it down a bit and added a bit of our own Irish twist.  The sloppy joe is savage – it is the cats pyjamas!”  (The cats pyjamas is definitely my new descriptor!  Can we make this trend as a hashtag?!)

This menu is definitely worth sampling, and it’s only running Monday to Friday through the month of November.  So, to borrow some Cork terminology “G’wan!”  Treat yourself!

Once December hits, the 2 for 1 will be over.  But, you need not despair as Lee Valley is the perfect destination for your Christmas Parties and Christmas luncheons.  The menu looks divine and Chef Danny has woven his personal touches of magic into each and every dish.

Fresh Produce

Much of the produce and herbs integrated into the Christmas menu are from the Chefs Garden, the cucumbers are pickled right here in our own kitchen.  The hickory and tarragon come from the garden and are wet-smoked – marinated in liquid smoke, whole grain mustard and red wine – then slowly barbequed outside.  The liquid smoke was mailed from the owners of an Irish bar in San Francisco called Nappertandy’s.

Chef’s Top Picks

I asked Chef Danny to name his favourite appetizer, main dish and dessert from our Christmas Menu.

Appetizer:  “Definitely the In-House Hickory & Tarragon smoked Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad.”

Main:  “The baked chicken, pancetta ricotta roulate is the cat’s pyjamas!”  (There’s my new favourite word again!)

Dessert:  The Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.  If you are a chocoholic, you have gone to heaven when you eat it.  It has white chocolate drizzle with mint liquer ice cream.  Forget the rest of the night, man, you’ve hit heaven there!”

2 for 1 menu dining in Cork

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